Weather Almanac for Rancho Tierra y Sol

Updated: 10/22/17 at 12:00am

Yesterday's High Temperature: 58oF at 1:09am

Yesterday's Low Temperature: 31oF at 11:53pm

Yesterday's Peak Wind Gust: 31 mph at 1:52am

(daily values are reset at midnight)

Sunrise Today: 7:16am

Sunset Today: 6:09pm

Moonrise Today: 9:50am

Moonset Today: 8:18pm

Precipitation for last 24 hours: 0.00 inches

October Precipitation to date: 0.72 inches

Mean October Precipitation: 1.23 inches

October Snowfall to date: 3.0 inches

Mean October Snowfall: 9.1 inches

September Precipitation: 1.55 inches

Mean September Precipitation: 1.11 inches

Year 2017 Precipitation to date: 17.52 inches

Year 2016 Precipitation: 18.51 inches

Mean Yearly Precipitation: 19.84 inches

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